2018 Auggie Awards Winners

Congratulations to this year’s Auggie Award Winners! 

Thanks to all of you and our esteemed panel of judges we are pleased to announce the winners of the 9th annual Auggie Awards.

The winners and finalists were selected out of the 250+ nominations who competed in the 2018 Auggie Awards. 

All winners were announced on stage at AWE USA 2018 at the Auggie Award Ceremony on May 31.

View the full list of winners and finalists below. Or head over to the Auggie Award portal to look back at all 250+ nominations.

Winner: Karim & Noor by Blink Studios

Winner: Acura AR Race by Current Studios

Winner: Ikea Place by IKEA

Winner: Gravity Sketch

Winner: Unity by Unity Technologies

Winner: Holoroom Test Drive by Lowe's Innovation Labs

Winner: Star Wars: Jedi Challenge by Lenovo

Winner: Vive Pro by HTC Vive

Winner: Holo-Stylus by Holo-Light

Winner: ManoMotion

Best-in-Show AR & VR, Startup to Watch & AWEsome Awards

Congratulations to our Best-in-Show AR & VR, Startup to Watch and AWEsome award winners. 

All of these awards were presented live on stage on June 1, 2018 at the AWE USA 2018 Wrap-up.

Winner: Upskill

Winner: Where Thoughts Go

Winner: Varjo

Winner: The Looking Glass by Looking Glass Factory