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Pooling together professionals with an extensive experience in the development of Augmented Reality applications, Space 1 is a company which designs and creates solutions for the management of field activities, sales, remote support and learning.

The product released by Space 1 shares the same name of the company. The overall mission is to deliver a solution that is both powerful and easily accessible to different kinds of businesses.
-A product for industries and companies of all sizes
-Low time and money investments
-Flexible configuration
-Easy to use and manage
-Multi-device (already available on HoloLens, ODG, RealWear, EPSON Moverio, Android and iOS Tablet, and compatible with devices that will be launched on the market in the following months).

The product Space 1 has been developed to be deployed in four main areas:
-Maintenance: performing technical activities with cutting-edge functionalities for continuous support and training
-Virtual collaboration: sharing a prospective field of view with other collaborators and enabling the exchange of information among them, in real time
-GIS: empowering the user to visualize spatial data in the real world through Augmented Reality
-Sales: relying on a product catalog which is more interactive with the salesforce upon demand.

Space 1 professionals are constantly testing advanced technologies and solutions, with the aim of maintaining a competitive edge on the market.

Thanks to the extensive experience gained in the field of Augmented Reality, the expertise resulting from the relentless research and testing, and the professional standards achieved by its collaborators, the company can promptly react to customer needs and provide them with quality solutions.