A Journey in Retail Sales – AR, VR and Real-Time Configuration

Room B5

The world of sales is dynamic with companies eager to win and retain customers. VR and AR have emerged as powerful tools, providing an immersive experience. AR, by incorporating virtual products into a real environment has shown to cut decision time and shorten time to market. While AR focusses on the enhancement of real life environments, High Quality Rendering with VR HMD’s in showrooms can transport the viewer into a scene not yet a reality, showing what is possible, heightening understanding and helping to make confident buying decisions. We will present the steps in the retail sales journey as seen through the lens of the housing and home improvement industry in Japan with particular attention paid to utilizing AR and VR technologies along with real-time configuration. Today’s omnichannel sales process has the capabilities to provide complete customer engagement – from Web to mobile to physical AV showroom while retaining the capability to service business users.

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