AR for Enterprise Breakdown: Which Sectors, Which Applications and Why?

Room B4

Businesses need to know where AR technologies and content are having the biggest impact and delivering the most benefit. Hear from Greg Truman, Head of Industrial, Enterprise and European AR for Kopin, on how AR (and VR/MR) are taking hold for enterprise across a huge variety of industries.

This session will explore how the new wave of immersive tech is providing real-world savings and increased revenues in Automotive, AEC Aerospace, Manufacturing, Retail, Apparel and other industry verticals.

Greg will visit AR opportunities throughout the product lifecycle, including use cases in product design, simulation, manufacturing, sales & marketing, retail, service and support and more. He will also cover deployment – addressing when a company is truly prepared for the immersive age:

– Navigate the technological and cultural hurdles to incorporating immersive tech into workflows across the business
– How can innovative leaders gain internal investment in traditional, risk-averse organizations – And encourage staff adoption to prove its worth?
– Where does immersive tech sit in the business and who should own it?
– Hear why the right opportunity identification and deployment is crucial and how to ensure the infrastructure is firmly in place to succeed
– How can large enterprises ensure their back-office capabilities are able to support AR/VR technology?
– Find out how to scale the application of immersive tech in enterprise seamlessly and securely

Attendees will walk away with specific examples from our panel (the good, the bad, the ugly) to formulate your own guide to assessing if VR/AR/MR is a good fit for the challenges you face.

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