Blockchain & VR: Vision for an Open & Trusted Bot Economy

Room XK

The convergence of AI, XR, and blockchain are inevitable. Yet public engagement with AI and bots is controlled by major profit-driven corporations. In a future where shared worlds and conversational bots provide the interface to valuable AI systems, a host of new data is up for grabs. Nonprofit org Seed Vault Ltd is building an Open AI future: delivering equitable exchanges with users, where we’re rewarded for the data we provide and can manage our privacy. This talk proposes a method to govern an Open Source approach to building computer interfaces. Seed Vault developers can take the open bot framework and construct their own avatar or bot and offer it to the wider community. Others can license that bot for their own use and receive SEED tokens in exchange – utility tokens that power the Seed Vault micro-economy. Seed Vault intends to decentralize AI, putting bots in the hands of more developers, companies and ultimately individual users.

XR4Good Track