Craving the Future

Room B4

Michael proposes that innovation leadership demands the ability to perceive alternative realities and then having the courage to move toward those visions.

In this unique and engaging audience experience, Michael shares perspectives about the future through the lens of what people CRAVE in their lives. His foresights are derived from decades of global ethnographic studies, findings from quantitative research and dozens of recent interviews with innovation luminaries through his podcast series called CRAVING THE FUTURE, which is available on iTunes.

Michael’s research reveals what consumers and business professionals are CRAVING today and how understanding these deeper desires prepares you to shape innovations that are more relevant and successful in the marketplace. Michael’s foresights help businesses, organizations and communities thrive in the future.

Michael will share fresh perspectives on the future of key themes that are relevant to AR/VR professionals, including the future of: wearables, mixed reality, cultural currency, consumer engagement, quantum science, crowd sourcing, grand global challenges, design-thinking and virtual learning.

Michael will also share mega-foresights he is following, such as: “Blurred Reality, “Dispersed Creation” and “Mind Quest,” all of which have significant implications for AR/VR professionals who are trying to be as relevant as possible.

Expect the unexpected at this session, including the likelihood of live music to activate your thinking and end the first day of the AWE event with great energy, relevant content and creative inspiration.

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