Creating Immersive VR & AR Experiences with Eye Tracking

Room GH

Join Tobii, the global leader in eye tracking technology, to discuss the current state of eye tracking for VR and AR. As AR and VR technology gains traction with consumers, Tobii understands that integrating eye tracking will be critical for enhanced immersion and a future where your device better understands your intentions.

Similar to the introduction of touch for mobile devices, eye tracking interfaces are the next natural step for VR and AR. With eye tracking, HMDs (head mounted displays) will better understand a user’s intentions and deliver an experience that more closely mirrors the way we communicate with our gaze in real life.

In this session, Joakim Karlén, Director of Product Management, VR and Middleware, will give attendees an understanding of the many ways that eye tracking enables better devices for OEMS and better experiences for end users. He will also paint the future picture of how our interactions with these devices will become more natural, and more intuitive, over the next few years. Joakim will specifically touch upon why eye-tracking enabled foveated rendering and inter-pupillary distance measurement can lead to higher resolution displays and reduced graphics processing requirements.

To showcase these benefits live, this session will also include live demos that illustrate the power of integrating eye tracking into VR and AR hardware.

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