Designing for Mobile AR

Room J

We’ve seen tremendous interest in Mobile AR development at the start of 2018, but as we move towards this era of physical app design, we have rethink many of the fundamentals of traditional app design in favor of new paradigms for an AR-powered, Camera-first world. Successful apps will open directly to the camera and take advantage of the sensing and perception capabilities provided from today’s AR and ML libraries. Taps, swipes, and scrolls have served mobile well for 2D development, but with the 6-DoF tracking, sensing, and recognition available on devices, a whole new set of possibilities has opened up for interaction design.

This talk will highlight solid examples of innovative user experiences in new Mobile AR apps, discuss various user interaction modalities and their applicability to Mobile AR and share some of the insights we’ve learned at 8th Wall as we’ve been building our modern developer platform for Mobile AR.

Design Track