How to Create Holographic AR Experience in Minutes

Room J

Holographic Augmented Reality (HAR) is the means to extract people and objects from real life and immerse them into the virtual world where they can interact with virtual objects.

What if you can create your own HAR experience in minutes by simply dragging and dropping images without any programming? What if you can turn regular photos, videos and GIFs into vivid AR experiences in minutes?

Integem creates a HAR platform that allows people to design their own holographic AR experiences in minutes. In this session, we will share:
1) Tips on creating holographic AR stories
2) How to design the holographic AR Experiences based on the stories using Integem iCreator Platform
3) How to use Integem iPlayer platform to engage users with the AR stories.

No Glasses or Helmets, No Phone or Tablets, No Apps.

The audience will have the chance to co-create an AR experience during the talk and experience our co-created AR experience immediately at the end of the session.

Design Track