Human-to-Human is the Ultimate UI

Room B5

The rise of disruptive technologies like AI, automation, and immersive computing, are presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers. Quantum Capture’s CEO Morgan Young will discuss why he believes that Virtual Humans are key to this coming transition. Since 2015, Toronto-based Quantum Capture has been developing photo-realistic characters for companies like Ubisoft, Sony Interactive, and Warner Bros. His team is united around their belief that interactive virtual humans are the missing ingredient needed to make our relationship with technology more seamless and intuitive. Quantum Capture is currently creating a developer platform called CTRL Human which makes embodying chat bots and conversational AI with realistic avatars, easy for everyone. Join Morgan as he covers his team’s solution for connecting people with AI, and learn why Quantum Capture believes human-to-human will be the new face of immersive computing.

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