Iristick Smart Safety Glasses – the Bionic Eye for Remote Assistance

Room B4

With its state-of-the-art 5x optical zoom lens, the Iristick.Z1 smart safety glasses differentiate from other smart glasses by providing far more than just the standard wide angle view. The exceptional ability to quickly and smoothly focus on near and distant objects allows for unparalleled barcode scanning and object recognition power. While the center wide-angle lens on the nose bridge perfectly captures the perspective of the wearer at work, the zoom module with laser pointer simultaneously focuses on the smallest detail. Streaming both these views to a control room or colleague expert is a breakthrough feature for remote assistance.
This talk will demonstrate the Iristick.Z1’s bionic eye and the business value these smart safety glasses are bringing for:
– Remote Assistance in maintenance
– Scanning and instruction guidance for warehouse operations
– Telemedicine
– Surveillance, security & safety management

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