Building the Metaverse: How Social VR is Setting the Stage for the Next Evolution of the Internet

Room B5

Most people couldn’t guess how the internet was going to shake out, and we don’t know what the metaverse is going to look like. But social VR apps like AltspaceVR can give us a peak at what that future could be. In AltspaceVR, people have made life-long friends, gotten married, and supported each other through hard times. And if you look closely, you’ll see how people are using the platform to create something similar to the early days of the internet. With this in mind, how do we (the community, VR-enthusiasts, and creators) build a product consciously? How do we make it a welcoming  place for everyone? What responsibilities do we have as part of that creation process? And what have we learned already? Hear about this and more and join the conversation in this talk from Katie Kelly, Head of Engagement at AltspaceVR, Microsoft.

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