Overcoming the Hype Cycle: How AR Can Deliver on Its Promise in 2018

Room B4

In 2018, we can all finally move past the rudimentary questions about AR. Is AR here yet? Yes. Is it here to stay? Check. Can it deliver on the science fiction-like promise many have already envisioned for the technology with real, viable use cases? Definitely.

While most consumers’ only interaction with AR to date has been through games or kitchy apps, enterprises have begun to take a hard look at AR’s potential and early adopters like what they see. Full-scale AR adoption now spans across industries, whether it be utilities, telecoms and manufacturing, or healthcare and education. And while the hype is still centered around the consumer, enterprise organizations will be the key to the next evolution in AR, spurring its long-term growth, as well as proving the technology has the ability to transform the way companies work while positively impacting the bottom line.

Attendees will hear from AR visionary, Scott Montgomerie, who was one of the first executives to get AR tools in use by multi-billion dollar corporations. He will discuss the early enterprise adopters of AR, and how they are pushing the envelope by asking for solutions that will take AR to the next level this year: software that is both future-proofed and capable of working with existing systems; applications that can evolve to meet changing customer needs but are also easy-to-use; tools that deliver best-in-class security but can be used with any piece of hardware. The talk will provide key learnings and statistics around how real-time knowledge sharing via AR is helping businesses improve efficiencies and save money. And finally, Scott will discuss what’s in play in the market right now that’s helping AR become poised to fulfill its promise in the year ahead.

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