Preserving the Past to Benefit the Future

Room XK

Cultural heritage is unique and irreplaceable, and our generation holds the responsibility of preserving it for future generations’ benefit. The deliberate act of keeping cultural heritage for the future is known as preservation, and XR technologies play a leading role in providing access, interaction, and sharing of knowledge. In this session, digital heritage pioneers Lon Addison and Leslie Hartzell will discuss 3D digital preservation and immersive exploration of ancient heritage sites, including the challenges of cross-cultural interpretation and distribution.

Lon’s goal is to build a global cross-disciplinary community of technology in the service of culture. He currently is producing the 2018 Digital Heritage Congress to explore digital innovation and challenges across the primary heritage domains defined by UNESCO: built heritage; artifacts and collections; libraries and archives; and cultures and traditions. Leslie leads the management of historical and archaeological sites in California State Parks, which is using VR technology to try to enrich the visitor experience and understanding of historic sites.

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