Shop Your World: Lessons Learned with HoloLens

Room GH

In this panel, Jacqueline, Kat, Kachina and Anish will walk attendees through their experience co-creating HoloPay, an augmented reality retail application that was recently spotlighted by SH//FT and Microsoft with a video feature and global campaign. HoloPay is a retail/payment application built for the Microsoft HoloLens that empowers users to shop their world. The trademark “one-gesture pay” function allows users to make purchases of items they see on the street, search in-store inventories before heading into a store, and make purchases directly from advertisements out and about in the real world. Jacqueline, Kat, Kachina and Anish wanted to create a mixed reality product that could fit seamlessly into people’s everyday lives and add immediate value. They envision a future where people will use their mixed reality devices to make purchases based on items seen out and about, not just on their computer or phone screens. They will discuss the technical challenges they faced and the lessons they learned (UI/UX best practices, tips for fellow creators, developer insights etc.) as they set out to push the boundaries of what is possible in the retail industry with existing AR technologies.

Develop Track