Simulation & Training For Industry: How Any Company Can Benefit from XR Training Panel

Room B4

Simulation and Training has long been used by the government and industrial entities with great success. However, this often involved prohibitively expensive “bucks” or physical training machinery and proprietary software licenses.

In this new age of XR, the opportunity for all companies to leverage this technology for training is broad. This panel conversation explores the numerous ways companies can leverage this technology:

We will highlight:
• Use cases
o Equipment training
o Safety training
o Management training
o Compliance training
o HR, PR & Customer facing soluitons
• Existing vs. Bespoke Solutions
o Sim & training platforms and software
o Building bespoke solutions
o Integration and deployment considerations
• Creating a global strategy around training
o Roadmap for solutions
o Identifying economies of scale
o Getting from POS to adoption

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