The Age of Smart Information

Room B5

“The magic we seek by dimensionally communicating information is not found in its final form, but rather in the way it reveals itself.” – M. Pell

We are fundamentally transforming the myriad ways we communicate with each other about anything, and everything. Deceptively powerful and stunningly beautiful, this monumental leap forward in conveying information effectively has always been right there in front of us, waiting to be unlocked, hiding in plain sight. All it took was the convergence of human ingenuity, artificial intelligence, and the rise of a medium capable of magic.

Welcome to the age of “Smart Information”.

The revolution started with a simple idea – no more “dead pixels”. Our most important content could no longer be static and disconnected. We instead choose to surface the universe of connections, stories, data, and emotions that are normally invisible to us. The Smart Information construct was designed to convey its essence, relationships, and value at multiple levels of detail, inherently.

Freed from its rigid containers, content adapts itself effortlessly to the optimal way we choose to consume it based on our current context and preference. Designed to be explored, combined, and enhanced, this flexible information container is made possible through next gen creation tools and intelligent playback platforms that work together to anticipate the most predictable trait of people – curiosity.

The impact of engineering how our thoughts and ideas are conveyed through is as dramatic as when we first moved from still photographs to motion pictures at the start of the twentieth century. The opportunities that exist for us to reinvent how we create, transmit, and experience information are unprecedented and boundless.

Let’s make this leap together, starting today.

Led by Author and Envisioneer, M. Pell of The Microsoft Garage, this session takes you through real-world examples of how common collections of content can be transformed into Smart Information (powered by XR). The session also serves as a launch point for a movement that will revolutionize the very nature of information.

See you there!

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