The Boeing AR Kit (BARK) Wire Harness Install Application, and Testing in the Factory

Room B4

This presentation will cover the Boeing Augmented Reality Kit (BARK) Wire Install application, its front and back end development, integration with enterprise systems, and our 3D alignment process. We will discuss the use case of Augmented Reality (AR) to improve touch labor tasks, and provide a summary of our testing of this system in the factory on aircraft wire harness installation jobs.

The BARK back end is fully integrated with enterprise systems to provide up to date, spatially registered 3D views of wire installation drawings. The front end runs on a Microsoft HoloLens, tablet or cellphone, and allows technicians to customize their view.

Finally, the presentation will discuss the future roadmap for the tool, including additional features that are being added in 2018, and applications for the technology beyond wire installation.

This system was featured in a Boeing news story titled “Boeing Tests Augmented Reality in the Factory” on Jan 19th, 2017. The story headlined on the Boeing homepage ( for three days, in addition to being posted on Boeing’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, with a short video that has been viewed over 200K times.

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