The Future of Augmented Hearing

Room B5
Augmented Hearing is the new frontier for AR/VR world. While most people are focusing on the developments from the major technology companies and smart startups around AR/VR, there is a revolution taking place in a different type of reality augmentation and that’s in audio. In fact ‘AR for your ears’ is ready to explode over the next five years according to Juniper Research who predicts “hearables”, the platform for AH, to grow 550% by 2022 with 30 million devices being shipped in 2022.
Imagine having the ability to simultaneously blend the soundtracks of your digital and physical worlds. Alternatively, consider the possibilities of being able to selectively tune in or out the frequencies of noises from the physical world around you. Augmented hearing now has the ability to enable you to orchestrate your audio landscape (“soundscape”) to enhance your personal or work life. This not only has real life applications for tech enthusiasts but also for people who are looking to augment their audio senses to process the world around them with more comfort and control.
Come and hear from the Cofounder of one of the innovators in this space to hear about the exciting future for Augmented Hearing.


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