The Future of Farming is AR-Powered Weed

Room B4

The future of farming is in smart glasses and AR-powered supply chain platforms and the crop to drive adoption of this technology is cannabis. While some view the complex regulatory landscape and cultural stigma associated with cannabis as limiting growth, these conditions actually create fertile ground for innovation in agricultural technology. Tools to help optimize cultivation, harvesting, and processing of the plant are needed along with tracking technology to manage down-chain distribution, manufacturing, and retail processes and provide employees with the education and information they need to succeed and fulfill consumer demand. The high margins cannabis cultivators currently enjoy make them willing to spend top dollar for cutting-edge technology if it helps them survive eventual price compression and increased competition. This demand, in conjunction with investment excitement for the fastest growing industry in the U.S. mean pot will play a pivotal role in promoting AR devices and platforms in the hands and on the heads of farmers across the globe.

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