Why the Real World Needs a Better UI: Lessons learnt building location-based AR experiences.

Room J

Isn’t it strange that, in the last 10 years, user interface design on the web and mobile has become so incredibly intuitive that it feels like second nature, and yet, our daily experiences in the real world like digging through the aisles at Walmart or figuring out how to use the office printer are still stuck in the stone age?

Vertical’s vision is to make navigating the real world as easy as navigating the web. To do this, they’ve built Placenote, an SDK to help developers add 3D maps to their AR apps so they can build persistent, shared, AR experiences without markers or GPS.

In this talk, Neil Mathew, the Co-founder and CEO of Vertical, will explore three examples, where location-based AR content has made a big difference to the real world experience of a space – Museums, Retail and Industrial inspection. He will discuss case studies of real implementations, the mistakes they made and the lessons they learnt building and deploying user interfaces for physical spaces.

Design Track