Adrienne Hunter

Experience Design Director, OSSO VR

Adrienne is the head of design at OSSO VR, a clinically-validated VR training platform for surgeons, hospital staff, and device sales teams. Her approach to software simulation design leans on physical realism and maintaining the integrity of simulated spaces to create the ideal learning environment. Previously, she co-created Newton VR, a widely-used open source physics interaction framework that provides a foundation for natural, intuitive interaction design in VR and AR experiences. With a degree in Linguistics, a background in the gaming industry, and a passion for cognitive science, Adrienne’s interdisciplinary approach takes best practices from many different fields and applies them to the creation of virtual experiences. She also writes articles about her VR design work on Medium, or you can find her on Twitter at @snickersnax.

My Sessions

Using Haptics to Feel Virtual Worlds

Room B5

Touch is the single most important sensation that we cannot live without. Touch enables us to effortlessly pick up a glass of water and pull keys from our pockets, without looking. We use touch to validate what we see is real, to navigate the world, to organize cognitive and physical tasks, learn, and to communicate complex information such as trust and caring.

Life Track