Anton Yakubenko

Co-Founder & CEO, GeoCV

Anton Yakubenko is a 3D computer vision entrepreneur with 13 years experience in the field. He graduated and got PhD from Graphics & Media Lab of Moscow State University – the #1 computer vision lab in Russia. Since his first student project Anton has a dream to let everyone capture the world in 3D.

Anton started his career with R&D projects with Samsung, e.g. software that turned a single photo of an outdoor scene into a 3D model. He is an author of a few patents and over a dozen scientific papers, including ones on the top conferences like ECCV (European Conference on Computer Vision).

Further Anton has co-founded 3 companies:
Profitable consulting company. 6 projects completed, in particular, we developed software for matching of aerial images with less than 5% overlap and without GPS coordinates.
Startup that has been acquired. We have developed software for efficient creating 3D models of buildings from photos.
Good learning experience” startup. We developed software automatic recognition of traffic signs from video that exceeded the state-of-the-art, but was not enough to fully automate the process in our target navigation market.

My Sessions

My Sessions

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