Ben Davenport

CEO, VRsenal

Ben Davenport serves as VRsenal’s CEO and is responsible for both business and product development. With a passion for the cutting edge and a constant eye toward real-world executable business models, Ben provides a unique combination of forward-facing innovation grounded in practical business sensibilities that is helping to make LBVR a commercially viable reality today.

VRsenal is the world’s leading provider of fully automated, attendant-free, commercial VR systems. With LBVR installations in operation since 2016 and across five countries, VRsenal has the experience to deliver seamless, user-friendly VR experiences that bring together best-in-class hardware and compelling content in an easy-to-use turnkey package that takes the brain damage out of location based VR.

My Sessions

Location Based Entertainment as a Driver for Consumer Adoption of XR: There is Nothing Like the First Time

Room B5

2018 is the year of Location Based Entertainment with many VR experiences, arcades, pop-ups, tours and venues launching in malls, movie theatres, theme parks and on corners all over the world. This panel conversation will look at the LBE experience, impact of LBE on adoption and the growth of LBE around the world.

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