Brent Blum

Global Director of AR/VR Capabilities, Accenture

My Sessions

My Sessions

Get B2B: The Laser Focus of Enterprise Business Models

Room XK

“Enterprise focus” has become a big catchphrase in the XR industry over the last 18 months, and more and more consumer-focused AR/VR startups pivot to where the revenue is now. How do you create a customizable but scalable solution for other businesses? Come hear how our panelists tackle this big question and more!

XR4Inclusion Track

Looking Beyond Tech: Making Enterprise AR Sticky

Room B1

Two industry veterans, Brent Blum of Accenture and Jay Kim of Upskill, will sit down for a fireside chat discussing the road to enterprise AR ubiquity. Drawing from over a decade of combined experience delivering AR to Fortune 500 companies, you will hear them cover multiple components that make your AR implementation successful now and in the future. Topics will include important things to consider from day 1 to prepare for scale, such as engaging the workforce, tracking business metrics, finding the right point of entry, managing growth, and more.

Inspire Track