Carrie Shaw

CEO & Founder, Embodied Labs

Carrie Shaw works at the intersection of health education and virtual reality storytelling. She is the CEO and founder Embodied Labs, a virtual reality platform for healthcare services workforce training.

After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a B.S. in Public Health, Carrie spent 2 years working as a Health Education Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic where she fell in love with the way visual communication tools have the unique potential to cross cultural, language, and education barriers. Following that time, Carrie worked concurrently as her mother’s primary caregiver, a medical visualization research assistant and a teaching assistant for undergraduate Anatomy & Physiology. Her mother’s diagnosis of Early Onset Alzheimer’s disease opened Carrie’s eyes to the needs of caregivers and the aging services workforce, leading her to complete a Master’s of Science in Biomedical Visualization and eventually found her company. Embodied Labs’ work has been featured by the AARP, Forbes, JAMA, and The History Channel and Carrie speaks frequently as a thought leader at healthcare technology conferences.

My Sessions

My Sessions

The Intersection of Virtual Reality Storytelling and Healthcare Training to Improve Caregiver Readiness in the Aging Healthcare Service Workforce

Room B5

Embodied Labs works at the intersection of virtual reality storytelling and healthcare workforce training to create experiences where trainees learn from embodying the perspective of the patient and members of the patient’s care team. This talk looks at this pilot study which showed that by embodying the patient and caregiver perspective in VR, medical students show positive change in their knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about aging adults.

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2nd Pitch Showcase Part 2

Room XK

Come cheer on Top XR Founders when they pitch their startups to a panel of industry leaders and investors at the 2nd WXR Pitch Showcase!

The Pitch Showcase will kick off a 10 week mentorship and educational program for the 8 selected companies. The companies span 5 cities across North America and are building innovative products in education, healthcare, retail, enterprise, and more.

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