Chris Nunes

Managing Director, Heavy Projects

Chris Nunes is the managing director & product lead at Heavy Projects (www.heavy.io), an award-winning AR studio. At Heavy Projects, he runs all product decisions, manages the development team and delivery schedules, and consults with clients on the UX of augmented reality, audience engagement, and interactive installations. Heavy’s clients include Google, Qualcomm, Toshiba, Samsung, Ryot Films, European Union Commission, HG TV, & Miami-Dade County’s Art in Public Places, among others.

My Sessions

AR UX that makes you cry, or laugh

Room J

We’ll discuss the empathetic needs for properly onboarding new customers into your AR experience, and provide examples of hits (and misses) of recent ARKit onboarding. Using examples from our client portfolio, as well as examples from the broader AR community, we’ll describe what we’ve found effective and not-so-effective for training new users on how to interact with the amazing AR experience you just built.

Design Track