Christina Padron

Senior Research Associate, Design Interactive, Inc.

Christina Padron is a Senior Research Associate on the Extended Reality (XR) team at Design Interactive, and has been involved in the design and evaluation of multiple virtual assessment and training tools for the Office of Naval Research and the Army Research Lab. Her work focuses on the design, usability, and effectiveness of AR/VR/MR training and job aid solutions. Christina is currently leading multiple AR/VR/MR training system design and evaluation efforts including a mixed reality training system to train collective tasks in an M1 Abrams tank, an augmented reality-based system that trains tactical combat casualty care tasks, and another augmented reality-based system that provides training and on-the-job support for Naval ship-based maintenance. She holds a Master’s degree from Penn State University in Industrial Engineering with a Human Factors Option. She also has a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Industrial Engineering.

My Sessions

Human Factors Approach to AR Navigation Design

Room J

This talk will discuss a human factors approach for AR interface design to support safe and efficient navigation through an industrial setting. It will focus on how to address specific considerations of the particular context, including different types of safety concerns, macro and micro navigation, and task support. Actionable guidelines for these design considerations will be discussed with specific examples from an industrial setting.

Design Track