Christopher Lafayette

Founder, The Armada

An industry driver in Virtual, Mixed & Augmented Reality. A Discoverer of new Immersive technologies, Mentor and Public Speaker.

Christopher has the pleasure of playing a role in advising technology startups, corporations and small ventures. Christopher has an unusual background working in several tech verticals with deep experiences in each.

His passion to develop the right type of Coworking spaces for those that are part of, and, seeking to join the growing technological eco-habitat has been a focus for some time. He’s executed and managed digital business development and brand initiatives for hundreds of campaigns and internal technology projects. An expert in lab-to-market acceleration.

A strong emphasis has been in the area of generating engagement and revenue for clients by way of product development, launch strategies, capital raise, brand refinement and connecting.

My Sessions

Diversity in XR

Room B1

In this panel, 4 leaders are determined to shake the industry out of its complacency to grow and integrate different voices and perspectives into the foundations of the emerging XR environment. They will discuss their approaches to creating an inclusive culture, with their thoughts on accountability, distribution of opportunities, networking, fundraising, and mentorship as part of a strong diverse social XR community that can bring this vision to life. 

Inspire Track