Dave Lorenzini

Chief Operating Officer - YOUAR.io & Co-Founder, AR Cloud Foundation

On a mission to change the way people look at the world, Dave Lorenzini is an AR Industry leader with a history of creating, scaling & investing in companies using intelligent vision (AI + xR) to move the masses.

He has helped some of the world’s largest organizations and most innovative startups prepare for what’s next, including googleX, facebook and many others. Past successes include Keyhole.com, acquired by Google, online today as “Google Earth” as well as early xR, AI and new media companies.

Currently Chief Operating Officer of YOUAR.io, he leads platform and business development of a new end-to-end AR Cloud system that delivers magical cross platform, multi-user, persistent AR experiences worldwide.

As a board member of AugmentedReality.org, he helps produce AWE and speaks at public & private events around the world helping organizations understand and capitalize on what’s to come.

As co-founder of the AR Cloud Foundation, he is working to create an open, decentralized AR Cloud that respects the rights, intentions and opportunities of it’s contributors.

As a person, torn by the desire to both improve and enjoy the world, he can be found most evenings after AWE de-augmenting reality at the Hyatt Bar with friends, or online everywhere as: davelorenzini

My Sessions

My Sessions

Building the AR Cloud

Room GH

The ‘AR-Cloud’ has been described by Ori Inbar as “the single most important software infrastructure in computing, far more valuable than Facebook’s social graph or Google’s PageRank index”. This panel conversation will bring together startups building the AR Cloud to discuss the technical challenges and vast opportunity it presents to developers.

Develop Track

Roundtable: Open AR Cloud Working Session

Room XK