David Cannington

Co-Founder, Nuheara

David is the Co-founder, Executive SVP Sales and Marketing at Nuheara, an ASX listed innovative audio wearables company. David’s 25+ year international career spans senior marketing and advertising roles in Fortune 1000 companies. He also has extensive experience in founding, advising and operating early stage technology startups with global aspirations in both the B2C and B2B space. Most recently he has focused on hearing intelligence companies that have the potential to change peoples lives.

My Sessions

The Future of Augmented Hearing

Room B5

Augmented Hearing is the new frontier for AR/VR world. While most people are focusing on the developments from the major technology companies and smart startups around AR/VR, there is a revolution taking place in a different type of reality augmentation and that’s in audio. In fact ‘AR for your ears’ is ready to explode over the next five years according to Juniper Research who predicts “hearables”, the platform for AH, to grow 550% by 2022 with 30 million devices being shipped in 2022.

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