Decker Jory

Lead Spacecraft Sr Tech Specialist/Technology Integration Specialist, Lockheed Martin

I am a result driven aerospace mechanic that finds intrinsic motivation in innovation and the reengineering of the processes used for manufacturing spacecraft. Pushing the envelope of human exploration is what fuels my passion to continually improve and redefine the bleeding edge of what’s possible in building flight hardware. Currently, I’m part of a team that is implementing augmented reality manufacturing work instructions on NASA’s Orion project. My role is to bridge the gap between the developers and the technicians on the floor. I have a deep understanding of spacecraft assembly and where AR will be most beneficial in our operations.

My Sessions

Show Me The Numbers! A Tale of Two Methods…

Room B4

Over the last several years, augmented reality use cases have surfaced at a shocking rate. The ability to see (and think) differently is changing the way we work. How is augmented reality influencing productivity? Join us to chat numbers, and to discuss applications with Lockheed Martin experts representing spacecraft manufacturing, augmented reality development, and emerging technology leadership.

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