Detlef Schiron

Expert Simulation & Visualization Technology, Airbus Defence & Space

Detlef Schiron has worked for Airbus in various positions in the field of simulation in the past 20 years. In his current role he is advising the organization on visualization and simulation technology and he is working on the virtualization of the aircraft development processes for military aircraft. In his former positions he acted as line manager, project manager and simulation chief engineer. As he started his career, his first job at Airbus was developing a VR flight simulator. Detlef studied computer science with a focus on computer graphics. He is located in Manching in Germany.

My Sessions

Towards a Next Generation Fighter Jet Helmet Mounted Display Symbology – a Playground Case-Study based on Microsoft’s HoloLens

Room B4

This talk will take a look at a case-study where Microsoft’s HoloLens is used to prototype Next-Generation-Fighter-Aircraft Helmet-Mounted-Display symbology and to enhance existing simulator environments be it for training or for development.

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