Dr. John C.C. Fan

Founder & CEO, Kopin

Dr. Fan is the Founder, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President of Kopin Corporation. Kopin Corporation is a leading developer and provider of innovative wearable technologies and critical components for integration into wearable computing systems for military, industrial and consumer products. Kopin’s technology portfolio includes ultra-small displays, optics, speech enhancement technology, voice-interface and hands-free control software, low-power ASICs, and ergonomically designed smart headset reference systems. Kopin’s proprietary components and technology are protected by more than 300 global patents and patents pending.


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My Sessions

Dr. Fan’s Rules for Successful AR and VR – Inspiring Success

Room B1

In this talk, Dr. John C.C. Fan, CEO and co-founder of Kopin, will discuss five guiding principles of design to help all innovators in the AR industry overcome challenges in achieving mainstream adoption of AR. These challenges include user resistance to wearables, overly complex learning curve and lack of clearly defined benefits.

Inspire Track