Dr. Tom Carter

Founder & CTO, Ultrahaptics

Tom started exploring ultrasound technology during a study in the final year of his Master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Bristol, UK. He further developed the initial concept to form the basis of his PhD studies, during which time he published numerous papers and filed various patents. Recognizing the technology’s commercial viability, Tom founded Ultrahaptics in November 2013. Headquartered in the UK, the company has raised $40m in funding, and employs around 100 people with offices in Palo Alto, Munich, and Seoul.

My Sessions

Using Haptics to Feel Virtual Worlds

Room B5

Touch is the single most important sensation that we cannot live without. Touch enables us to effortlessly pick up a glass of water and pull keys from our pockets, without looking. We use touch to validate what we see is real, to navigate the world, to organize cognitive and physical tasks, learn, and to communicate complex information such as trust and caring.

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