Elizabeth Bieniek

Director of Horizon 3 Innovation, Collaboration CTO, Cisco

Elizabeth Bieniek is a professional day dreamer and experimenter, continually thinking about how to combine ideals, people, and practices across multiple industries to find new ways of doing old things better, easier, and with a lot more fun. She focuses on the interface of people and emerging technology and how to make the lives of the former happier by efficiently and invisibly applying the latter. She loves making connections, be that between people or ideas. Her favorite question is: Why Not? Her favorite approach is: Let’s Try It! And her favorite motto is: Go Big or Go Home. She is currently the XR Lead for Cisco Collaboration Strategy & Innovation.

My Sessions

Remote Collaboration/Documentation in the XR Era

Room B4

Remote collaboration has evolved in a variety of digital forms over the past couple of decades– from early and clunky dedicated phone and video conferencing systems, through to email then online document and web and mobile phone-based conferencing systems. This evolution has given rise to growing virtual workforce era and companies to become more productive, agile, diverse and scalable.

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