Emily Olman

CEO, Hopscotch Interactive, LLC, Co-Founder, Spatial First, VR/AR Association SF Chapter Co-President

Hopscotch Interactive, LLC Founder Emily Olman launched the company in 2015 to accelerate the adoption of new media and technology for property marketing. With a background in media sales, business and property marketing, she believes that the latest developments in 3D Photography, Virtual Reality (VR), 360° photography, and Augmented Reality (AR) are unlocking property’s full potential, and demand for these services will continue to grow rapidly as we move towards a new era of the visual web. She is a real estate photographer, 3D/VR photographer, and VR/AR evangelist. She has spoken on VR for Real Estate both in the U.S. and abroad, and in her role as the VR/AR Association SF Chapter Co-President, she advocates and evangelizes for VR/AR acceleration in the market. She also participates in the VR/AR Association’s Real Estate Committee, setting standards and best-practices worldwide. As a consultant, she educates her clients on the current state of technology, and its current business applications from traditional property marketing to mixed-reality services.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Building the AR Cloud

Room GH

The ‘AR-Cloud’ has been described by Ori Inbar as “the single most important software infrastructure in computing, far more valuable than Facebook’s social graph or Google’s PageRank index”. This panel conversation will bring together startups building the AR Cloud to discuss the technical challenges and vast opportunity it presents to developers.

Develop Track

Meetup of Meetups

Room XK

Insights and inspiration for volunteer community organizing from leaders of the successful VR/AR meetups — the ultimate expression of “Think Global, Act Local” real-world social impact! What happens when you bring the public, the companies, and the VR/AR tech together? How do you set standards for content and activities? What kind of challenges do you face? How can these communities be a force for good? How can others support these efforts? How do you finance a thriving meetup entity? Tips and success stories for anyone who participates in or organizes XR user groups and meetups.

XR4Good Track