Frank Soqui

VP, GM of Virtual Reality Group, Intel

Frank Soqui currently leads E2E cloud gaming and commercial + consumer VR, shaping Intel’s business in these growth segments. As a 36-year Intel veteran, he has represented Intel in over 50 high-profile interviews worldwide focusing on Intel’s VR, gaming and eSports efforts. Previous leadership roles include: Technical Compute Cloud and Client General Manager, Workstation Group General Manager, and General Manager in what is known today as IOT with a highly visible presence in live TV interviews, keynotes, and commercials. Frank has held leadership roles Digital Office, Desktop PC and Telecom groups. Transformation, creativity, and growth are his passion.

My Sessions

Powering Immersive Technologies

Room B1

The tech world is no longer flat and two dimensional. From cutting edge medical breakthroughs to highly immersive and interactive gaming, Intel’s products power every touchpoint in the immersive experience pipeline.

Inspire Track