German Rodriguez

US Business Manager, JoinPad

German has extensive experience as executive in industrial sectors, has a passion for technology and continuous process improvement. Has lived in Italy and Dallas since 2010. German joined Joinpad in 2016 as a strong believer of the solutions this technology will bring to our communities and industries. He quickly became a point of reference for the industry for his ability to bridge AR and industry needs developing value based projects and guiding companies into multi year AR transformation.

My Sessions

Alstom Trains Maintenance: An “Augmented Reality” Reality

Room B4

In 2016 Joinpad started an AR project with Alstom Italia. The goal was to simplify their remote assistance process using Augmented Reality, assisting operators on field in train maintenance. This presentation will share he approach and methodology that delivers a multiyear vision of AR implementation, balancing the spreading excitement, with a value-based implementation and a pragmatic integration with legacy processes.

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