Gijs den Butter

CEO, Sense Glove

Gijs den Butter co-founded Sense Glove right after his master thesis in Industrial design engineering. The thesis was based on a robotic glove for stroke rehab. However after trying VR for the first time he was convinced that with the current state of the art of VR and AR controllers a huge potential in immersion was lost. That is why he and his former supervisor Johannes Luijten founded Sense Glove. Gijs has been working for start-ups during his professional career; he was managing director of a start-up consultancy firm and worked as UX-designer for a start-up building smart thermostats.

My Sessions

Using Haptics to Feel Virtual Worlds

Room B5

Touch is the single most important sensation that we cannot live without. Touch enables us to effortlessly pick up a glass of water and pull keys from our pockets, without looking. We use touch to validate what we see is real, to navigate the world, to organize cognitive and physical tasks, learn, and to communicate complex information such as trust and caring.

Life Track