Hakan Urey

Co-Founder, CY Vision

Hakan Urey is co-founder of CY Vision Inc, a Silicon Valley startup developing computational holographic technology to power up the next generation AR & VR head worn displays. He is also a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Koç University, Istanbul-Turkey. He received the BS degree from Middle East Technical University and MS and Ph.D. degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology all in Electrical Engineering. He worked for Microvision a Seattle based company, before joining Koç University.

He is the inventor of more than 50 issued and pending patents in the areas of novel displays, imaging systems, MEMS, optical sensors, and microtechnologies. His inventions have been licensed by five companies for commercialization and resulted in four spin-off companies. He published about 200 papers in international journals and conferences, gave more than 30 invited talks at conferences, and received a number of awards. He received the prestigious European Research Council Advanced Grant in 2013 to develop next generation wearable and 3D display technologies.

My Sessions

Critical Factors for the Mass Adaption of XR

Room GH

This session focuses on ‘Visual Comfort’ as an additional factor for the success of the XR industry looking at natural viewing experience, high latency and vergence & accommodation conflict and the need to present information with true depth cues even for one eye, which is required for comfortable viewing experience without any visual conflicts.

Develop Track