Harald Wuest

Founder & CEO, Visometry

Harald Wuest is the CEO and founder of Visometry, a startup emerged from the department Virtual and Augmented Reality at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (IGD) in Darmstadt, Germany.
For many years, he was leading the development of the computer vision and tracking activities of Fraunhofer IGD’s augmented reality system. Now this technology is made available in the spin-off Visometry as a cross-platform software development kit called VisionLib SDK. He participated in every tracking contest of the ISMAR conferences and tracking challenges of other events and he could lead his team to win the first prize several times.

My Sessions

Why Model Tracking is the Future of Industrial AR!

Room GH

Relying on CAD-data for object tracking is not a pain, but a huge gain for the tracking robustness and also for an easy setup process. We demonstrate some typical service and maintenance applications and show how model-based tracking techniques can be applied.

Develop Track