Hector Prieto


Hector is a successful repetition entrepreneur with more than 25 years of media business experience. Currently as the CEO and Co-Founder of Yerba Buena VR (YBVR), his vision is to make real-time 360°VR mainstream! His previous start-up (HyC) on IPTV was acquired by ERICSSON and he went on to become the VP of Media Sales Americas for ERICSSON. He worked on multiple projects related to video streaming with companies like FOX, Disney, AT&T, Century Link, etc. In the past he was one of the pioneers in the cable business in Spain, building ONO, recently acquired by Vodafone.

My Sessions

Engaging Sports fans TODAY with VR/AR/MR

Room B5

The panel will analyze what is going on today on the Sport industry around immersive technologies VR/AR/MR. What are the more advanced use cases around xR tech applied to sports, and particularly to the fan engagement. What is from the consumer point of view what generates fan engagement, and how to monetize this fan engagement, how to transform it into a business generation machine. We will have also the technology point of view, where are the current challenges of the immersive technologies to generate a true and sustainable fan engagement beyond the first WoW effect and what the industry is already doing to overcome them.

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