Ian Kelso

Co-Founder, Impossible Things

For over two decades Ian has been unable to resist the compulsion to work with new technologies and platforms, ones that have reshaped the way we create, collaborate and communicate.

Originally schooled in film, photography and live theatre, Ian became obsessed early on with new digital tools that had the power to reinvent the way we tell stories and learn. Over the years Ian has worked as a producer and an entrepreneur inside both startups and major media enterprises. An industry advocate, Ian also co-founded digital media associations at the regional and national levels in Canada.

In 2016 Ian co-founded Impossible Things with award-winning digital visionary Alex Mayhew. Their first project ReBlink “remixed” and brought to life ten classic paintings allowing museum visitors to engage, explore and interpret them in brand new ways. He is also co-organizer of AWE Night TO, an AR monthly event series based in Toronto.

My Sessions

The ARt of AR: A Look Back at ReBlink and Forward to the Future of Storytelling

Room B5

This talk will use the example of ReBlink, a highly successful mobile AR exhibition at a major art museum. It will show how the tools and techniques unique to AR, combined with a thoughtful creative vision for the emerging grammer of “native 3D storytelling”, can inspire people of all ages to engage and enjoy a visceral experience with a set of classic paintings they likely would never have otherwise noticed.

Life Track