Jan-Erik Vinje

Main contact for Open-ARCloud.org, lead developer a Norkart AS

Senior AR architect and lead developer at Norkart, and main founder of the Open-ARCloud initiative.

Jan-Erik Vinje is a senior full-stack developer at Norkart, where he is currently in charge of research and development efforts on the Open AR-Cloud. He was part of the team which created the groundbreaking Border GO prototype which will be discussed in the talk. In the mid 90ties while still in his teens, he made the first computer-generated virtual studio backgrounds for broadcast TV in Norway from his bedroom. The pioneering experience of combining the real and the virtual over 20 years ago is mirrored in his current work on the Open AR-cloud.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Building the AR Cloud

Room GH

The ‘AR-Cloud’ has been described by Ori Inbar as “the single most important software infrastructure in computing, far more valuable than Facebook’s social graph or Google’s PageRank index”. This panel conversation will bring together startups building the AR Cloud to discuss the technical challenges and vast opportunity it presents to developers.

Develop Track

Roundtable: Open AR Cloud Working Session

Room XK