Jan Pflueger

Coordinator of the Center of Competence for AR &VR, Audi

As coordinator of the Center of Competence for AR &VR Jan is responsible for the IT activities regarding AR&VR solutions within Audi AG.

He was an early adaptor of digital technologies for the creative area. The potential of VR was obvious for him, so he started exploring new interaction techniques and developed interaction devices for spatial environments in the field of research.

At Audi he started his career in 2012 as teamleader of the VR team at Audi IT, responsible for virtual product validation. Always oriented towards success he dove deep into the topics, created optimized methods and processes supporting the needs of the business.

His long time passion for AR and VR led him to establish the center of competence as a network hub for AR&VR, the place to inspire and influence the AR&VR activities within Audi and build up connections to drive and deliver the future in this area.

My Sessions

Exploring the Landscape of Virtual Techniques

Room B5

In this talk I want to invite you to take a trip through the landscape of virtual techniques and to highlight that developing and publishing Augmented- & Virtual Reality applications has never been easier, but to cover enterprise aspects it is not enough to be able to create virtual content. For a sustainable integration of virtual techniques into the whole life cycle, in addition and to enabling further product and services, there a lot of aspects that need to be covered.

Life Track