Jasmine Roberts

Sofware Engineer, Unity Technologies

Jasmine Roberts is currently a candidate for her Master of Design at Harvard University. She is researching at the MIT Media Lab designing applications for creativity in mixed-reality. She is primarily developing intelligent multimodal interfaces using gesture, voice, and other non-ocular inputs. Jasmine teaches Unity courses at the Harvard business and design schools. Last summer Jasmine was an intern in Sony PlayStation R&D prototyping for PlayStationVR. She was also a member of the Oculus Launchpad 2017 cohort. The previous summer, Jasmine interned as a graduate research intern at Intel. At the beginning of June, she will be working in the Unity Labs group.

My Sessions

Deixis: Narratives in Mixed Reality

Room J

Personal narratives shift through addition of life events, consideration and reflection of prior occurrences, protection of self-image, and desire for cohesiveness and consequence. DeixisXR is a cross-platform experience that allows users to record and interact with their own oral histories– abstracting their stories and memories into aesthetic forms.

Design Track