Jeff Jacobsen

Chief Architect & Program Manager, Golden-i, Kopin

Mr. Jacobsen is the Chief Architect of Golden-i Wearable Technologies and Sr. Advisor to the CEO & Chairman of Kopin Corporation. In 1990, as a Sr. V.P. of Kopin Corporation, Mr. Jacobsen initiated DOD and DARPA’s involvement in head mounted and body worn solid state micro-display mobile computing and communication systems. Since 1992, Kopin has become the world’s largest and most successful micro-display and component manufacture for near-eye and head worn systems. A recognized industry innovator in wearable systems; in June 2007, Mr. Jacobsen assembled a multi-national product development team to develop the world’s highest performance, light weight “Hands-Free” wireless head set and safety glasses for improving performance, safety and security. The Golden-i effort developed, refined and integrated advanced mobile communications and computing for head worn solutions, enhancing natural speech, active noise cancellation and gesture control, synthetic vision, situational awareness and augmented reality instruction for enterprise and consumer applications.

Mr. Jacobsen lives in Monterey, California. He received a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin and presently holds over 130 fundamental patents.

My Sessions

Designing AR Apps with a Smarter UI

Room J

Meet Jeff Jacobsen, who leads Kopin’s Golden-i product development and marketing, for a tutorial on design and develop of AR apps for wearable computing used in-the-field. This tutorial will focus on attendees interested in the latest AR UX developments, and provide insights into re-tooling existing applications and designing new apps for the latest UX experiences.

Design Track