Jeff Powers

Co-Founder & CEO, Occipital, Inc.

Jeff Powers is co-founder and CEO of Occipital, a San Francisco & Boulder based company focused on mobile computer vision. With co-founder Vikas Reddy, Jeff led the development of RedLaser, a popular barcode-scanning application that was acquired by eBay. In 2013, Jeff and the Occipital team launched Structure Sensor, the first 3D sensor for mobile devices. Most recently, Occipital introduced Bridge, a mixed reality (MR) headset for iPhone, and Structure Core, a next-generation embeddable depth sensor. Jeff is also an angel investor in several tech startups including via the seed-stage accelerator TechStars.

My Sessions

When Geometry Met Learning

Room GH

In this talk, we’ll explore a few of these existing applications, and how they will evolve once they are combined with a machine learning approach that is built specifically to consume and analyze 3D data.

Develop Track