Jeremiah Allen

Project Director, Pride Foundation

Jeremiah Allen is the Project Director with Pride Foundation for TRANSform Washington, a statewide public education campaign celebrating the lives and experiences of transgender and gender diverse people.
Allen is passionate about the intersections of race, gender, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation, looking critically at the social systems he belongs to, and the power of courageous storytelling to ignite policy changes. Though his work with Pride Foundation, Allen is excited to be a part of the collaborative storytelling project “Authentically Us” as part of Oculus’ VR for Good Creators Lab. “Authentically Us” is a series of short documentary films focusing on telling the stories of transgender people. The series will premier in 2018 at several film festivals including South by Southwest (SXSW), Tribeca, and Cannes Next.
Jeremiah has years of experience leading change in the LGBTQ community, including his work in transgender equality, racial justice and community arts and culture.

My Sessions

PRIDE not Prejudice: LGBTQ Activists Using VR to Open Minds and Hearts

Room XK

 In this session, Pride Foundation filmmakers will explore the impact of their work using 360-video, and share insights for creators and story-tellers who want to partner with nonprofits and social entrepreneurs to address social issues.

XR4Good Track